Choroid Plexus Papilloma

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> A colleague of mine asked to post this request on the 'net.....
> Dr. Sharon Perlman at Cook County Health Department is looking to contact
> anyone who had relatives with this tumor, or anyone currently researching
> or familiar with this rare disease.
> She can be reached M-F 9-4:30 at her office  708-445-2565.
> Thanks.
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> Choroid plexus papilloma is a rare neoplasm. There are some histologic 
variants described about this tumor. It is locally invasive thus a destructive 
tumor. According to the localization, it gives symptomes. In 25 years, I had 
only one case in my carrier as pathologist. I gave the diagnosis on the surgical 
specimen and I was quite sure for my diagnosis. The tumor was mucus producing 
type. It recurred four times in a period of 3 years. At last, the patient showed 
another tumor in his right lung, apical and posterior.
A portion of the lung was then excised and I received it for histopathological 
diagnosis. My diagnosis was "Mucus producing, alveolar-papillar carcinoma"!!!
Retrospectively, I regreted to give the diagnosis as choroid tumor. Possibly it 
was not a primary tumor of the choroid plexus but a metastasis of at that moment 
undiagnosed lung tumor. Life expectancy is unfortunately poor in both type of 

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