What Is Mathematical Biology?

Tue Feb 13 07:14:22 EST 1996

I am not sure what Mathematical Biology is, but I do know of several 
research fields in biological sciences that require a good understanding 
of mathematics.  Examples would include: enzyme kinetics, molecular 
modeling, and structural biology.  You might see if there is Biophysics 
curriculum where you are at, as this is a curriculum that often 
emphasizes the use of math in biology.  

emartin at artsci.wustl.edu (Elizabeth Ann Martin) wrote:
>Sounds like it might be interesting. It sounds like it might be 
>appropriate for me - math is a strong point and biology is a love- but 
>when perusing my course catalog, I can't find anything under this 
>heading. I was reading a book on artificial life that touched on what I 
>guess could be considered as mathematical biology, i.e. strange 
>attractors as points of life origin.  Can anyone clarify what 
>mathematical biology is, and recommend any books? Also, if one wanted to 
>study mathematical biology, where would one concentrate their biology 

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