Table of genome sizes

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: Below, I have included a table of the organisms in 
: question, which might be of general interest.

Could you give references to the original sources?  Then we could use it in

Although Kenn Rudd (rudd at can probably give you a better
estimate now, E. coli is closer to 4,673,600:

author = "K. E. Rudd
 and T. D. Schneider",
title = "Compilation of {{\em E. coli\/}} Ribosome Binding Sites",
pages = "17.19-17.45",
editor = "Jeffrey H. Miller",
booktitle = "{A Short Course in Bacterial Genetics: A Laboratory
Manual and Handbook for {{\em Escherichia coli\/}} and Related Bacteria}",
publisher = "Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press",
address = "Cold Spring Harbor, New York",
year = "1992"}

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