vagal syncope

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> A friend's father who is 89 has a vagal syncope and is under 
> observation.  What is the prognosis?
> Sincerely, Joel Hettger

Well, I have this and am only 28, so I hope the prognosis is good.  As I
understand it, the vagus nerve (among its other duties) is responsible for
decelerating the heart beat.  In short, in vagus syncope (dizziness or
fainting due to the action of the vagus nerve) it turns down the heart to
the point where a person can pass out.  In my case it only happens in the
presence of pain.  In others it can happen at the sight of blood or other
disturbing stimuli.  I would be curious to know if a pacemaker might be
appropriate in a severe case.

Good Luck,


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