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Thats fine, I would be interested (see below). My recollection of the 
analysis of the aftermath was from a 1-2 page article in the journal 
_Science_ and there appeared to be a considerable amount of arguing 
before freezing the designs about whether they should go with a pure O2 
or a mix. I recollect that the pure O2 WAS a safety tradeoff for some 
technical benefits. If you dig out your information from your book, I 
will try to locate the issue of science (please help me with the date of 
the disaster to help narrow down the issues I need to look up) and we can 
compare notes here.

Art Sowers 

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, David Tyler wrote:

> In sci.research.careers you write:
> >I find it infuriating that after, not before, something 
> >bad happens, then people can find out why they shouldn't have done some 
> >particular something.
> art,           in a book called, 'apollo,' the authors make clear that 
> using a pure oxygen atmosphere was not as stupid as it may seem in 
> hindsight, and i think they even point out safety considerations (!) for
> using pure oxygen.  i'll look it up and get back to you.
> dave
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