Film about Metabolic disease

Istvan Leelossy istvan at
Thu Feb 15 18:19:40 EST 1996

Dear readers,

It's been a while since we were active here, but my wife and I both met 
man (with the hammer). For those who didn't know, we lost our girl Eva to
Farbers disease, October last year.

Two things, first my wife is pregnant again :-))). Of course we have to 
for the tests but we are positive ourselves.

Second, I've been asked by the BOKS Foundation (Ass. for Parents of
Metabolic Patients, Belgium)to make a film about Metabolic disease, and
then mainly  about it's effects (social) to parents, the children; and 
for treating physicians, who do most of the follow-up.

One the one hand the film must not be too scientific, on the other hand I
want to try and make this very complex material comprehensive for all

What would I need?

- some peculiarities of certain of these diseases. (eg for Cola is bad, 
lite=ok, and the other way around...)
- use of hopefully existing graphic material/animations/research footage
which could be used in this film to clarify matters
- perhaps some figures

I guess I don't have to explain that we're doing this on a 'shoestring's
thread' budget, so having animations etc made is out of the question.

*ANY* help, hint or whatever is welcome. I want to make a nice film, but 
don't know enough about this to it 'right', at least at this point.

I appreciate your time if you can help.

Istvan Leelossy.

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