vagal syncope

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>A friend's father who is 89 has a vagal syncope and is under 
>observation.  What is the prognosis?
>Sincerely, Joel Hettger

At his age, the prognosis may be serious.  Vagal syncope is common in
young people, who are suddenly startled or have a faint with
venipuncture.  In older people, unless there is a clear-cut
precipitant that can be fixed --like straining with urination or too
tight a necktie or too strong blood pressure meds, the effects of
fainting can be a hip fracture or concussion.  In older people,
neurocardiogenic syncope, a form of vaso-vagal syncope, can be
detected with a tilt table test, and treated with medication.  Serious
heart rhythm disturbances also can cause an older person to pass out
and need to be excluded in unclear cases...
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