genetic problem

Eric Cabot cabot at
Fri Feb 16 01:06:17 EST 1996

 Is polymorphism really the correct term for this? The original poster
did not state whether the sequence variants  were found in naturally
ocurring samples or whether they were derived from a laboratory
procedure such as mutagenesis. 
  In absence of populational information, perhaps it would be more
conservative to stick to terms such as allele or haplotype as
opposed to polymorphism, which has greater connotations
within the context of population genetics. 
  Of course it wouldn't be the first time that molecular biology had
preempted an existing term from population genetics and given it a
completely different meaning.  It is not uncommon, for example, to
hear molecular biologists refer to "genetic drift" when they mean
sequence divergence.

-Eric Cabot

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