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Fri Feb 16 19:25:13 EST 1996

On 16 Feb 1996, Stefan Schneider wrote:

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> >Hello!
> >I would like to ask a scientific term:
> >If we use a population of insect to reduce another population of a 
> certain
> >insect which is harmful to our crops.
> >How can we describe it?
> >Any E-mail reply will be apperciated!
> >Thank you very much! =)
> >
> >With best wishes, 
> >Nancy
> > 
> Unfortunately I'm German, so I can't
> tell you if it's the term used in 
> the english language. The translation
> of the term used in Germany would be
> "biological pest control"

Dear Nancy:

Iam a central american men, and I dont not write english,
you can use the following way "BILOGICAL CONTROL" , only, is good term.
The biological control is a way for population control, of the mammalia, 
bird,  and other animal.

There are other term: "INTEGRATED CONTROL", in the this method will use 
several form, Chemiscal, fisican and biological.

I hope that will be good information.

Mario Gutierrez
UCA. Managua, Nicaragua.  

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