Entomology position wanted

Terri D. Vaillancourt terriv at infoweb.magi.com
Sun Feb 18 13:55:40 EST 1996

Looking for entry level Entomology position in the Amherst, MA area.
Bachelor of Science in Biology, specializing in Entomology (courses such 
as: Insect Systematics, Invertebrate Zoology etc as well as independent 
research and several years of collecting and preserving insects)
Also a wide variety of lab experience and skills, in other areas of 
biology such as microbiology and ecology.

Looking for work involving insect collections (collecting in the field 
as well as maintaining existing collections).  

If you are looking for a lab assistant, or just someone to carry the 
equipment out in the field, please reply and get more detail about my 

Terri Vaillancourt   terriv at magi.com
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