Biochemistry Of Agent Orange

Sun Feb 18 00:09:11 EST 1996

Ronald Jaynes <t3r7h3nb at> wrote:

>I have the formula for the compound, but I do not have the information
> on how it effects the metabolic pathways.  Also, I need information on
> the side effects of this toxin.        Thanks
>                                       RD Jaynes


It is my understanding that when 2,4,5 -T is used according to labeled
instructions the EPA does not consider it a human health hazard.

However, if temperatures are not properly controlled during the
manufacture of 2,4,5-T amounts(up to 28ppm) of Dioxin can be formed;
2,3,7,8-tetrachlorobibenzoparadioxin.  This chemical is considered a
potential carcinogenicand teratogenic toxicant.  

Bibl:  Weed Science-2nd Ed.. Klingman, Ashton. pp218-219.

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