cystic fibrosis

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Tue Feb 20 18:01:47 EST 1996

Shane (wegfn08 at wrote:
: from wegfn08 at
: I am a first year biology student and need info  on cystic fibrosis 
: and sweat glands and carrier proteins and the  ions necessary for 
:  reabsorbtion any help would be a great help
: thanks 
: shane Lynch

>>>>>There is a great article on the workings of cystic fibrosis and the 
transmembrane conductance regulator in Scientific American. Check your 
library CD-ROM for the issue. If you can't find the date, I'll look for 
it here and mail you the info. I'm sure this article will help you out in 
your understanding of this disease!
					Yours, Neil M

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