cystic fibrosis

Amy Voltz avoltz at
Tue Feb 20 14:46:12 EST 1996

Dear Shane,
For specific information about cystic fibrosis, check out the OMIM
database at

For specific information on CFTR, the gene implicated in cystic
fibrosis, see the entry in the Genome Data Base at

Besides the information in these entries, there are lots of links to
citations and references which will provide you with more detailed

Hope this information is helpful to you!
Amy Voltz
avoltz at

Shane wrote:
> from wegfn08 at
> I am a first year biology student and need info  on cystic fibrosis
> and sweat glands and carrier proteins and the  ions necessary for
>  reabsorbtion any help would be a great help
> thanks
> shane Lynch

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