Conference on Hemofiltration therapies

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December 5-6, 1996

Euro-Dysneyland (it's true)
Paris, France

This Symposium dealing entirely with continuous hemofiltration in the ICU
will aim to review the most recent data on both theoretical knowledge and
daily practical aspects of convective renal replacement therapies. Means to
improve the implementation of these techniques as their future developements
will be emphasized. 

Check-Up Service
6, rue Hoche 94736 Nogent sur Marne
Tel 33 1 48 71 39 85
Fax 33 1 48 72 10 14

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Scientific contributions
Scientific contributions will be selected to be presented in the form of Free
Communications or Posters. There is no special abstract form. Abstracts must
be received by September 15, 1996 by mail (written in English and typed on
one single standard sheet, leaving 2.5*cm all around the text) or by e-mail
without any special format: hemofiltration.abstract at (no faxes). 

Workshops dealing with several practical aspects of hemofiltration will be
organized in both English and French during the Symposium.

Program Committee:

Didier Journois, M.D. Chairman Paris-Laennec, France
Bernard Canaud, M.D. Montpellier, France
Jacques Chanard, M.D. Reims, France
Jean-Francois Dhainaut, M.D. Ph.D. Paris-Cochin, France
Didier Payen, M.D., Ph.D. Paris-Lariboisiere, France


Morning Session 

Introduction: Background and terminology 
    Didier Journois France
Effects of extracorporeal circuits on hemostasis 
    Li-Chien Hsu USA
Hemofiltration related complement-fragments production 
    G Lonneman Germany
Membrane induced blood and endothelial cells activation 
    Christian Combe France
Hemofiltration membranes design, structure and manufacture 
    Laurent Simard France
Replacement and dialysis fluid solutions, electolytes control 
    Horst Kierdorf Germany
Anticoagulation strategies 
    Ravindra Mehta USA
Management of drugs administration 
    Miet Schetz Belgium

Afternoon Session 

Interactions between nutrition and hemofiltration 
    David C. Frankenfield USA
Nutrition in critically ill patients with ARF 
    Rinaldo Bellomo Australia
Vitamines, oligoelements and ARF 
    Jean-Fabien Zazzo France
Physiopathology of ARF 
    Allan D. Cummings UK
How to prevent ARF ? 
    Robert Sladen USA
How to treat ARF ? 
    Norbert Lameire Belgium
Round Table: Good clinical practices in adult and pediatric patients 

Morning Session 

Pro/Con debate: hemofiltration vs hemodialysis 
    Rinaldo Bellomo Australia
Prevention of heart dysfunction after CPB 
    Martin Elliott UK
Refractory congestive heart failure
    Bernard Canaud France
Acute and severe liver failure
    Julia Wendon UK
Pediatric experiences of hemofiltration in the ICU 
    Gerfried Zobel Austria

Afternoon Session 

Role of ARF in MODS 
    Jean-Louis Vincent Belgium
Rational for using hemofiltration in MODS 
    Didier Payen France
Hemofiltration as support for patients with MODS 
    Miet Schetz Belgium
Is hemofiltration efficiency a question of volume ? 
    Albert F. Grootendorst Netherlands
Cost-effectiveness of hemofiltration in ICU 
    David Bihari Australia
Round Table: What are the goals of hemofiltration therapies ? 
Conclusive remarks 
    Didier Journois France

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