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Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Wed Feb 21 21:20:20 EST 1996

[ more comments to George Carter's poster ]

I re-read Carter's poster and my interpretation
of it is that it is in favour of a mixed (ballanced)
social structure
(i.e. individuals/private interests PLUS government).

If so (i.e. if I read it correctly) than we are
on the same wavelength. I am not an anarchist, and
I believe that the above components (i.e. private
AND government) should be in a (roughly) 50-50
split in terms of societal weight.

I believe that ANY (civilized) government is
OBLIGED (using taxpayers money and other
revenues) assure the stability of basic infrastructuaral     
things, such as socil security, civil order, prime 
medical and educational care, etc. The problem 
with N.American mentality (as far as I can see it, 
being ex-Soviet living in Canada for the last 18 years) 
is that it (menatlity) seems to be out of ballance - for 
the most part people here have too much faith in the 
efficiency of 'competition' and winners-loosers
(mis)perception. It's not to say theese things are
not relevant at all, but they I believe, are badly
overstated and they work far less efficiently than
people normally believe (quite often - contr-efficiently). 

One example: there is amaizingly little public outrage 
about huge salaries of many [ often useless ] CEO's and 
other 'celebereties'. Public seems to accept it and (for 
the most part, of course) to take it as a natural 
(almost God-given) order of things.
(Marsha Clark [ LOOSER !] makes instantly few M$ on
her book - readers (book buyers) quickly endorse).

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