APA-NEWSWEEK: Science Funding

George M. Carter gmc0 at ix.netcom.com
Thu Feb 22 10:04:53 EST 1996

berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA (Alexander Berezin) wrote:

>Dear George (Carter):

>While I generally agree with much what you say about
>the individual responsibility vs gov't, etc., I am

Vs is NOT what I was saying.  These two are essential to balance each
other.  If there is no government, corporate or individual
responsibility to one's self and the larger world, it is moot.

As to the issues you raise regarding peer review and grants--these are
important issues. They may be mitigated by lab work being farmed out
to cheaper arenas, however, fortunately, high quality research is de
rigeur (at least in the medical fields) in order to receive a
government's approval to administer a drug to humans.  Other types of
research, however, may not fare so well.  Still, I agree that the
system we have needs to be changed.


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