Using Other People's Experiences

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You may be interested to know that the BIO-Online career center has added
another in its extensive series of biotechnology career articles, authored
by Dave Jensen of Search Masters International, Sedona, AZ.

This discussion, entitled "Using Other People's Experiences -- How Stories
Can Enrich Your Career" describes in detail the process of learning not
only from our own experience, but from those successes and failures around

A specific example of how a molecular biologist's career was dramatically
affected by not listening to the "cues" around him is balanced by another
story of a biotechnologist who viewed his unique career situation through
the filter of other people's experiences.

You'll find this newest article, and 50 other texts dealing with different
science career issues, at the non-commercial biotechnology site located

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specializing in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Device
industries. We work on exclusive, employer paid searches for staff at all
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