Cotton Underwear?

Alan E. Jackson AJackson at ST.CEU.EDU
Sat Feb 24 16:28:16 EST 1996

    If I may,
     Another thing to consider, a friends wife was having just such a
   problem, and it was discovered that she was wiping her ass the wrong
   way. She was wiping from the front, from the back to the front.
     When I learned of this, it made me think of how much harm can come
   from certain topics being not discussed, for what ever reason.
     I am thankful for the rebirth of freedon on the internet.

                                        At your service,
                                        Alan E. Jackson
                                   (Learning Leads To Living)
     Concept 1, condensed/abstract; Magnetotactic Bacteria.
                 Movement within earths' magnetic field thought to be
                instrumental throughout life cycle of typical cell.
                Magnetic bacteria seen as cause of cell division, and
                revealed hidden link in understanding evolution of the
                microscopic biological structure.

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