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Hello, I am a research student at Trenton State College, currently 
working on a project involving telomeres, telomerase, "the end 
replication problem", and cancer.
 Thank you for your time.
Brian V. Falcone
   If I may,
    It is my understanding, that anyone working on a project having to
  do with cancer, would need to consider the roll that the nuclear
  envelope plays in protecting the goings on inside.

                                        At your Service,
                                        Alan E. Jackson
                                  (Learning Leads To Living)
     Concept 1, condensed/abstract; Magnetotactic Bacteria.
                 Movement within earths' magnetic field thought to be
                instrumental throughout life cycle of typical cell.
                Magnetic bacteria seen as cause of cell division, and
                revealed hidden link in understanding evolution of the
                microscopic biological structure.

      Introducing "MAGNETRITION"; a term describing the process by which

     magnetism is utilized boilogically.  Awaiting mankind's acceptance,

     the study of magnetrition offers man a healthier and longer life.

     This new knowledge concerning mans' magnetritional needs, when

     utilized, will represent a maturization milestone in the history of


       The assessment of research presents these facts;

     l.  Magnetic bacteria use the properties of a magnetic field in order

         to form a chain of magnetite within its' body, from the iron it


     2.  Magnetic bacteria use the properties of a magnetic field in order

         to migrate magneticly.

     3.  Magnetic bacteria live and die within the cells of our body.

     4.  Magnetic bacteria not having its' needs met, as it attempts its'

         functions within our cells, leads to the deterioration of body 


     5.  Astronauts are now recognized as suffering from magnetic deficiency

         syndrome, brought about by the needs of magnetic bacteria, (within

         their cells), not being met while outside the earth's magnetic field.

     6.  A prolonged state of inactivity of magnetic bacteria within cells,

         such as when a bird's egg is not turned, or an infant is not carried,

         leads to energy levels too low to maintain life.

     7.  Periodic exposure to the magnetic field produced by A/C voltage

         causes poorly formed nuclear envelopes, within cells.

     8.  Through the proper use of magnetic fields, man may now achieve a

         higher degree of wellbeing, and travel farther through both time

         and space.

                                "WORM SIGN"

                            (Book worm that is.)

   You may have seen reports concerning research relating to magnetic fields. 

  And noticed that the reason they have been described as "controversial",is

  because of a lack of what is known as a "Mechanistic model", or a working

  experimental model.  The information hereRin, has the ability to take one

  passed the previous groping for a model, to the beginning of an underR


   Now, this initial understanding, that magnetic bacteria live inside our

  cells, can teach each person a way of life which will allow his body to

  maintain better health.  And focus the research work onto a path which will

  surely lead to still better health.

   Like nutrition, "Magnetrition" is something, that when a person uses its

  principles, he displays much better stewardship when it comes to the care 

  of the cells of his body.  Magnetrition takes the concept of exercise is 

  step forward.  With the understanding that exercise has been mans way of 

  avoiding the effects of magnetic deficiency syndrome, he becomes aware that 

  his lifestile of movement in the earth's magnetic field has always been a 

  determining foctor in the equation of his health.

   The concept of magnetrition has been around for ten years.  But because

  its truth shows many to be wrong in their way of thinking, it has not been

  embraced by mankind. Poor leadership, or the prevention of good leadership, 

  can be the only reason for the lack of magnetritions' beneficial effect on

  mankind.  Magnetrition causes many to rethink what they thought they



                            Good news for some.

                            Bad news for others.

   It now is shown that all lab animal experiments were flawed because the

  animals need to move about in the earth's magnetic field was not taken into

  account.  Like NASA, and all medical diagnoses up to now, something they

  were not aware of was playing an important part, but went unnoticed for

  many different reasons.  With the lab animal experiments, many researcher

  reported seeing what they and/or their supporters wanted to see.  They

  essentially led many into embracing their personal beliefs, or prejudices

  against others, by the deception of allowing their assessment to be

  referred to as proof.

   Systematically, man source of niacin has been shifted from the time

  honored tradition of smoking, to one controlled by those in the 

  pharmceutical industry.  Because those in the professional practice of 

  medicine stand to profit as niacin becomes a monetary issue for everyone, 

  we see it embraced by those known as doctors.  Without a person smoking, 

  he is left lacking, both physically and mentally.  This has led to many 

  embracing a lifestyle offered by religion.  A lifestyle which is group 

  oriented becomes helpful to those made lacking by the deception that 

  smoking is causing the effects of magnetic deficiency syndrome.

   Those who have embraced the deception that smoking is unhealthy, and have

  publicly denounced the tradition of smoking, not only helped to lead many
  astray, helped in the persecution of those keeping to the tradition, but 

  now prevents the benefits of magnetrition to all, by their unwillingness to

  admit to being wrong.  Poor health is the price for greed and ignorance.

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