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> > We don't want people to pester our
> > readers by broadcasting ads in the discussion forums!!
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> >                                 Dave Kristofferson
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> Dave - You'll find that the extensive career management section of the
> BIO-Online area, underwritten in bandwith supplied by the Biotechnology
> Industry Organization (BIO) is not commercial in nature. If you object to
> the fact that the author's name and address is on the essays, I'd be
> surprised.

Is this an attempt at public damage control by making my objection
appear unreasonable?  As I told you in private mail Friday, the
objection I raised was not to your announcing the essays in a
non-commercial setting, but to your associate putting in the plug for
your recruiting firm as part of the posting.  I quoted that section
directly in my message to you.  Perhaps you didn't read that

As I also mentioned privately, your firm and others are getting the
benefit of using the system to recruit people for which you are paid
by the employers; quite often these fees are not small change...
Because the job situation in science is so bad, the EMPLOYMENT
newsgroup is the only area of BIOSCI where we permit this kind of
activity and, even there, we do not allow firms to insert additional
commercials for their services.

You and I spoke privately about this months ago.  Apparently your
associate may not have been aware of this policy but she certainly is
now...  All of you recruiters are getting a free ride out of this
system.  Please follow the rules.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

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