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Fri Feb 23 13:29:27 EST 1996

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> We don't want people to pester our
> readers by broadcasting ads in the discussion forums!!
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>                                 Dave Kristofferson
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Dave - You'll find that the extensive career management section of the
BIO-Online area, underwritten in bandwith supplied by the Biotechnology
Industry Organization (BIO) is not commercial in nature. If you object to
the fact that the author's name and address is on the essays, I'd be
surprised. Most every technical journal shows an author's name and an
address for correspondence. 

People have more of an interest in careers than just "finding jobs." These
articles at are not "ads", as
you'll see if you look for yourself. They are discussion related to many
issues in career and life management faced by scientists, and as such are
as much a part of bionet.general as any other topic. If this newsgroup is
moderated in such a manner as to eliminate discussion of all topics except
for those of techniques in science, please advise and we will not notify
of new essays through bionet.general


Dave Jensen

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