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> I am presently reviewing methods of improving the intake and absorption 
> of water into the body. Of concern is that even if fluid is readily 
> available to  soldiers they will go into voluntary dehydration rather 
> than drink from canteens. We are looking at ways of making ingestion 
> easier. One commercially available device is a bladder with a tube, this 
> means is often used by bike riders. Has anyone had any experience with 
> this sort of device? Any other ideas on making the act of ingestion 
> easier? Replies by E-mail would be appreciated 
> (gary.thomson at

Could it also be a problem of having to use both hands to open a canteen if 
it has a screw top, and hence compromise a soldiers fighting capability?

The simple plastic bicyclists water bottles (no bladder and tube) have a 
simple pull valve at the top which can be opened/closed with the teeth, and 
water squirted into the mouth with one hand while keeping the bike balanced 
with the other. As long as the bottle holder on the soldiers belt was 
designed so the bottle could be removed with one hand the drink could be 
taken while still maintaining some offensive/defensive capability.

(What reason do the soldiers give for not drinking?)

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