A Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Humour

Randall Willis willis at gandalf.psf.sickkids.on.ca
Mon Feb 26 17:48:43 EST 1996

(Let me preface this by stating that I am unaware of the editorial 
freedoms of this page and if this is out of bounds, I apologize and when 
informed, will cease to use this page for the following purpose.)

I'd like to introduce my fellow netters to a magazine which we call 
ALIQUOTES: A journal of Biochemical and Molecular Humour.  This is a 
monthly publication which is currently mailed out to a hundred or so 
readers world-wide and is centred in Toronto, CANADA.  The publication 
is FREE OF CHARGE to the readers due to the generous contributions of 
advertisers of the Toronto edition of the magazine.

In the upcoming March issue you'll find:

The Falcon (Tube)-the continuing saga of a lab tech-cum-private eye who 
searches out the mystery behind a stolen lab book.

"Hot Results In Footprinting Experiment Gone Awry"-the story of a 
graduate student who made great strides in science, literally

The Net Column-this month featuring sources for biotechnical protocols 
on the Web

The Development of Nomenclature-a rant and rave article on the 
absurdities of naming developmental genes

The Wacky World Of Agarose Gels-what gels really look like and how to 

..and other such nonsense.

The goal here is to prove that we ALL work in an absurd field and that 
we ALL have problems, so we might as well learn to laugh at them.

If you're interested, you can check out some of our older material in 
the 'netzine NetSci who have been excerpting from us for a number of 
months, at the URL  http://www.awod.com/netsci/index.html

If you want to see an actual issue, send your snail mail address to

Randall C Willis, Publisher            willis at gandalf.psf.sickkids.on.ca
Aliquotes Press                        rogerb at microsoft.com
58 Balfour Ave.
Toronto, ON

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