Why my DNA after CsCl-ultracentrifugation vanished after EtOH pptn ?

lahn at plaza.snu.ac.kr lahn at plaza.snu.ac.kr
Tue Feb 27 02:40:44 EST 1996

Hello, I have recently done large prep of plasmid DNA and  purified
this through CsCl-ultracentrifugation. I have seen two main bands,
which are plasmid DNA and chromosomal DNA, and sucked off the plasmid
DNA band. At this point I bypassed checking of this DNA band with
electrophoresis, and I go on to removal of EtBr with Butanol and of
CsCl with EtOH. After EtOH addition and centrifugation, there was no
pellet at all. I am perplexed. What was done with my DNA ? please,

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