Newbie in some ways -- desert -- bio -- where to start?

Warren Ockrassa macadamia at SEDS.LPL.Arizona.EDU
Tue Feb 27 02:29:22 EST 1996

Hello folks.

Back in the Bad Old Days, when Xtian Fundamentalists controlled 
textbooks, I thought biology was, eh, interesting.

Oh, oh man.

I been reading. Among others, SJ Gould. I am returning to my original 
interests, as you read this -- I am changing in front of you.

I live in Tucson and of COURSE I know about the outstanding desert biome
programs that exist for study here. Only a dead man could ignore the
Sonoran Desert Museum. (Or as I call it here, arrogantly, the Desert
Museum the Washington Smithsonian Wishes It Could Support, if it had the
dehumidifiers and/or enough Conservative Republicans, which Are Roughly
Equivalent Overall To Dehumidifiers, Only More Efficient.) I think my bio
coursework will be heavily desert based. (Surprise!)

But I'd like to know if there's a given professor here (in Tucson) who can
deal with a longtime desert resident who also happens to be a damn good
multimedia developer. (20+ apps under my belt, most of which are used by
schoolkids every day across the US.)

Part of my problem lies in the fact that, at this point, I don't think I
could turn in a paper -- a disk, oh heck yeah, no problem, sound, images
and all. Paper? PRINTED? Gads, yeah, but it's so... ah, dull?... 

Part of it lies too in the fact that I want to try to work chaotic systems
into intitially-simple algorithms... Praps I'm on the short road to
hell... (Praps? OY!)

I'd like to find a way to merge my computer knowledge with biology, 
particularly (I think) desert biology.

What am I to do? Jeez, I think biology is interesting -- fascinating, of 
course -- but I have to find people who will *not* treat me as a freshman.

Please note: I am not tentative in terms of desire -- I want to know 
this, have done since I was half my current age (28).

What to do? Email please, and manny tanks!

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