Human IGF Type 1 receptor cDNA

Tini Wahab sarabnah at
Wed Feb 28 10:08:36 EST 1996

Hello everybody,

I'm Tini, a 3rd year PhD student at Reading University, UK. Does 
anybody have some Human IGF Type 1 Receptor cDNA to spare?

My research area is investigating the mechanism of IGF-II action 
in a human breast cancer cell line, ZR-75-1. I'm hoping to 
stably transfect the human IGF Type 1 receptor into this cell 
line fairly soon! Please write to me at the following address;
	e-mail= sarabnah at

Would appreciate it very much if anyone can help me out here. My 
supervisor, Dr Philippa Darbre, will be happy to include any 
contributors name in our future publications.

Thanks a lot for your kind help.

Yours truly,


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