A Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Humour

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I highly recommend it...


Randall Willis (willis at gandalf.psf.sickkids.on.ca) wrote:
: (Let me preface this by stating that I am unaware of the editorial 
: freedoms of this page and if this is out of bounds, I apologize and when 
: informed, will cease to use this page for the following purpose.)

: I'd like to introduce my fellow netters to a magazine which we call 
: ALIQUOTES: A journal of Biochemical and Molecular Humour.  This is a 
: monthly publication which is currently mailed out to a hundred or so 
: readers world-wide and is centred in Toronto, CANADA.  The publication 
: is FREE OF CHARGE to the readers due to the generous contributions of 
: advertisers of the Toronto edition of the magazine.

: In the upcoming March issue you'll find:

: The Falcon (Tube)-the continuing saga of a lab tech-cum-private eye who 
: searches out the mystery behind a stolen lab book.

: "Hot Results In Footprinting Experiment Gone Awry"-the story of a 
: graduate student who made great strides in science, literally

: The Net Column-this month featuring sources for biotechnical protocols 
: on the Web

: The Development of Nomenclature-a rant and rave article on the 
: absurdities of naming developmental genes

: The Wacky World Of Agarose Gels-what gels really look like and how to 
: respond.

: ..and other such nonsense.

: The goal here is to prove that we ALL work in an absurd field and that 
: we ALL have problems, so we might as well learn to laugh at them.

: If you're interested, you can check out some of our older material in 
: the 'netzine NetSci who have been excerpting from us for a number of 
: months, at the URL  http://www.awod.com/netsci/index.html

: If you want to see an actual issue, send your snail mail address to

: Randall C Willis, Publisher            willis at gandalf.psf.sickkids.on.ca
: Aliquotes Press                        rogerb at microsoft.com
: 58 Balfour Ave.
: Toronto, ON

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