women's converging menstrual cycles

Troels Wind wind at biobase.dk
Wed Feb 28 03:50:40 EST 1996

Alan E. Jackson (AJackson at ST.CEU.EDU) wrote:

(long article on possible action of magnetic
field in converging menstrual cycles - DELETED)

TROELS WIND comments (indented by > sign):

> What a  pile of nonsence! Regarding womens cycle, stick 
> to the pheromone theory. I dont have any refs, but any 
> university library should be able to help you out.

ALEX BEREZIN comments:

Dear Dr/Mr/Ms Troels,

  I wonder why you go so harsh on Alan Jackson posting.
It is not to say that his assumption (that magnetic 
effects are important in this case) is necessarily the
explanation (or even relevant in this case), but the 
whole issue of magnetic bacteria, etc is not at all a
pseudo-science as you may think. There was a major 
article on this recently, I forgot exactly where, but in
something like Sci.Amer. or Amer.Scientists. (NOT in 
a crap journal).

  In the effect of phase locking the particular type
of the leading interaction is often secondary. For
example, in establishing coherency in laser systems
several DIFFERENT mechanisms may (independently and/or
concurently) lead to the same result (phase locking 
in a dominant frequency mode).

It may well be that in a case of menstrual converging
there is no a single ('one size fits all') mechanism,
but several competing routes can be opertaional. 
Making assumption, testing them, rejecting, etc. is
what we call science. Saying (as you do) ... "stick
to the pheromon theory ..." is a pseudo-science (or
at best metaphysics), because it presumes that you know 
the 'true answer', which often turn out to be wrong.

> Mr. Jackson, youre sick! Or maybe your magnetic bacteria 
> inside (!) your cells have lost track of 'time and space'. 
> BTW, when did you perform your last time-travel? 

  You should be aware by that time that personal
insults in science damage (always and invariably)
YOUR credebility, not the credebility of your opponents 
(read Einstein's biography for this matter).

> No doubt megnetism plays some role in life, but the above 
> is at best pure fantasy, or even worse, somebodys attempt 
> to create 'scientific' proof for their 'WonderMagnets'
> $200 each to hang around your neck. 

  Despite booming market and a lot of crap around the 
things like 'healing magnets' or 'healing crystals', the 
whole matter is far from being dismissted altogether 
and warrants serious and open minded studies some of which
are fortunately go on.  

> Furthermore, Mr. Jackson, 
> the next time you feel like spreading your pseudo
> science around, at least have the currage to include 
> proper references AND make a sharp distinction between 
> what is YOUR ideas/theories and what is others.

  I concur with you on the need of proper referencing,
but that's a technical suggestion which equally applys to

> I hope you get better soon,
> Troels

   I hope you too.

Alexander A. Berezin, PhD
Department of Engineering Physics
McMaster University, Hamilton,
Ontario, Canada, L8S 4L7
tel. (905) 525-9140 ext. 24546

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