monoploid vs diploid

Michael S. Straka mike.straka at
Thu Feb 29 13:14:25 EST 1996

Richard A. Dunphy  (rdunphy at wrote:
>I recently read that liver cells were monoploid. I was always under the 
>assumption that gametes were the only monoploid cells and all other cells 
>in the body were diploid. If liver cells are indeed diploid, why? I 
>really would like clarification on this.
>Thanks in advance.
>Dick Dunphy
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>rdunphy at

Hi Dick-

I believe you misspoke (see underline above - should've been monoploid, 
actually *haploid* is the preferred term). 

I've been involved in liver research for over 10 y, thru grad school, 
postdoc, and currently as well, and I am not aware of any evidence 
indicating anything other than that normal hepatocytes are diploid, ie 
they contain the normal complement of *2N* chromosomes, with each 
parental gamete contributing one-half, or *N* chromosomes.  One can state 
categorically that *all* normal sex cells are by definition haploid, and 
likewise, somatic (all nonsex) cells are diploid. 

I'd be interested to know where you read this; perhaps it's simply a 
misprint.  Otherwise it could be big news  :)

-Mike Straka

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