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> I'm a high school student in Hong Kong.  I'm writing an essay on
> "impact of computer on biological research and investigation".  Would
> you please help me by providing information on this topic?
A very big one, I imagin. First of all, before computers it would be impossible
to do a statistical analysis of, say, 6 million individual test results and
reduce them to a human readable form.
Next the computer can be used to sample data at (relatively) high rates, this
makes it possible to look at very fast biochemical reactions/systems. (this
results in data for item #1)
Also it's very patient, it won't miss anything while it's away on coffee break.

And magazines turn out a stagering amount of scientific data everyweek. Reading
it would require maybe 400 hours of reading a week, so the computer scans the
title & header for you. Now you can select you favorite article from that list.

Communication between a group of scientists around the world, so you can spend
your money on things someone else isn't already doing, or enlarging your own

Use your imagination, go visit a lab. ask someone.

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