Thermal Pollution form biology essay

reneh at reneh at
Mon Jan 1 10:17:09 EST 1996

Hi I'm Robert Zijleman from Gouda, the Netherlands.

I'm looking for information about thermal pollution for my girlfrind 
Deborah Gerhards, because she has to make an essay about this toppic for 
her biologi examen. I find it hard to find information about thermal 
pollution mainly because I think it is a not well know enviormental 
problem. The only thing that I know is that for instince power plant's 
their coolwater not to hot can dump into the river, lake or sea because to 
hot water is not very good for the fish and the plant's in the water. The 
other thing I know is that the smoke from for instince powerplan's not to 
hot can be because of the greenhouse effect, about this last thing am I 
not sure.
I hope you can give me more information (inc. pictures and grahpics)about 
thermal pollution.


Robert and Deborah.

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