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Tue Jan 2 16:41:06 EST 1996

     January the 1st. 1996.

     People in the industrial countries are concerned about the bio-
     diversity in the third world, and the governments there are told
     to take good care of their flora and fauna. The world would surely
     suffer a great loss, if the tiger in India and the rhino in Africa
     are exterminated.
          This is a true story, of how the local fauna is treated in a
     country (Denmark), which consider itself in front of the environ-
     mental- and nature conservational areas.

     For some time a population of escaped wild boars (Sus scrofa) has
     established itself in a forest, and the population has increased to
     25 individuals. Probably wild boars has been living in Denmark since
     some time after the end of the last Ice Age (i.e. for several
     thousand years). As other species wild boars were exterminated from
     the Danish fauna in the start of 19 th. century. The 25 wild boars
     could then been regarded as the returning of an old inhabitant of
     this country.
         Unfortunately little time passed, until some major agricultural
     organizations claimed, that the wild boars threaten their billion
     Kroner (the local currency here) export of bacon, ham and pork. They
     fear, that the wild boars will transfer diseases to tame pigs that
     are kept in enclosures outside. In spite of some researce in this
     case, this threat has never to my knowledge never been proven. It
     suceeded the major agricultural organizations to convince oure
     minister of environment (Svend Auken) of this threat, and he has
     therefore recently ordered the 25 wild boars once more exterminated
     from the Danish fauna. Now there is about 20 wild boars left in the

     A sad story because this country ought to be an good example to
     other countries of how to handle and to take care of the nature,
     all good arguments and advices is now just hypocrisy.
        If undocumented risks and the power of billion Kroner export is
     going to determine which wild animals have the rights to survive, the
     nature is going to be quite emty here. 

     In order to save the remaining wild boars in the forest or at least
     to remember them, I ask you in England, USA, Japan and other places:
     "Stop buying Danish bacon, ham, pork and other agricultural products".

     Happy New Year,

     Keld Rasmussen               Email: anab5ena at
     Ryttervaenget 53
     DK 3520 Farum

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