ant deterrents

John Kennedy kennjo at
Thu Jan 4 07:11:35 EST 1996

Can anyone provide me with a formula for an ant deterrent.  Our garage
seems to have a magnetic attraction for the little pests which regularly
set up home and breeding nests in cupboards.  They don't appear to be
drawn for reasons of food, perhaps it is just the availability of
relatively undisturbed indoor areas they like.  I thought I had once heard
of citronella being used and borate, although I believe that the latter is
poisonous to them.  Whilst they are certainly annoying the matter hasn't
yet deteriorated to the point of needing to resort to carnage.  Any advice
would be much appreciated.  Could replies be emailed directly to me I may
miss a posting to the newsgroup.  

Many thanks in advance, John Kennedy - kennjo at

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