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Sun Jan 7 22:48:14 EST 1996

Here's some personal email I got on this subject... funny, we get
people who are against Gallo and don't want to post it in this
forum... and now we get people who are for Gallo and don't want to
post it either.

Oh well...

As usual, I respect the anonymity of personal email and thus won't
post their name or email address.

Also, due to some of the content of the notes and that it may help
identify this person... I had to edit it a bit.

On Jan. 4th I received this note: [edited]


Bob Gallo is far from a perfect being, and perhaps he has asked too
much from Maryland, and it is reasonably likely that he and
Popovick did do something shady with Luc Montaigner's virus,
but for god's sake: The guy has ACTUALLY DONE SOME GOOD WORK!!!

READ HIS BOOK, "VIRUS HUNTING" if you don't believe me!!

Honest to god, I have nothing to gain by defending Bob Gallo,
but he is TRYING TO BE A GOOD SCIENTIST...  In fact, I would
suggest to you that he always has... Though, he has made
some significant, I am reasonably certain that Dr. Gallo
serves society better in Maryland than in Attica.

Get some perspective!!!!

Look, we're trying to fix a broken system here;
not burn down the bastille.

Also on Jan. 4th I received this note: [more heavily edited]


There are some good things about Bob Gallo:  There are also some
bad things about him.

This is true for almost all of us in 1996.

It is probably inappropriate for him to have 100 people working for
him ever again, CERTAINLY ON FEDERAL FUNDS, however, is it a sin
for him to have a lab with 5-10 members?

I think not.

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