DANGER for in vitro embryo manipulation

Jorgen Jonsson Jorgen.Jonsson at micro.umu.se
Mon Jan 8 10:11:55 EST 1996

Dear Sir/Madam,

   Please be aware that many modern microscopes for in vitro manipulation of
embryos e.g. transgenics, knock outs and sometimes human fertilization, are
equipped with strong halogen lamps (12V/100W) that may contain harmful
components in their spectral output. In a comparison between a microscope
with a 100W and a 20W bulb, the 100W killed or arrested the development of
19 out of 20 one cell mouse embryos exposed one hour at maximum light
intensity whereas all 20 embryos survived and successfully divided into two
cell embryos in the 20W microscope. This adverse effect can be partly
reversed by using an UV-filter between the light source and the embryos in
the 100W. This is naturally a very important precaution when establishing
knock outs or transgenics, and especially for the in vitro fertilization of
human embryos.

Best regards,  //JJK
Jorgen Jonsson, Department of Microbiology, Umea University, SWEDEN.

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