Information about a rare disease

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Tue Jan 9 02:15:28 EST 1996

drmie at IX.NETCOM.COM (Tim Holt) wrote:

>My mother-inlaw has a disease called Amyloidosis. Does anyone have any
>information about this or have any references they could provide.  It
>is currently in her liver

Amyloidosis is a  condition in which certain insoluble proteins are
accumulating in an organ or tissue compromising its function. The
condition is usually either associated with old age or as a genetic
trait. There are many different forms of the condition. I don't have
any information for treatment at this time. I'll look around  and see
what I can do. As for references try checking a medical dictionary or
medical textbooks on diagnosis, esp. a "Merck Manual". I have one and
will look up some data and post it.

Frank Cohee  

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