Martin Cann mjcann at med.cornell.edu
Mon Jan 8 19:39:52 EST 1996

In article <4cq70q$7ms at news.sewickley-acad.pvt.k12.pa.us>,
slapp2 at sewickley-acad.pvt.k12.pa.us (slapp2) wrote:

> It's in our water,
>  thousands of people are killed by it every year
>  Why isn't the government doing anything about it?
>  If you are concerned like me, write back.  
> It is one of the worlds major killers!!!!

The last I saw, those funsters on alt.alien.visitors had pretty much
agreed that this is a government conspiracy that originated in WW2.  I
think they're right and I know I'm being followed.  Don't get involved,
think of your family!


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