nonadhesion materials

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Tue Jan 9 10:38:21 EST 1996

When I was working with macrophages, some years ago, a book that I found 
helpful for techniques was Methods for Studying Mononuclear Macrophages 
it is or was published by Academic Press.    A literature of the work by 
Zanvil Cohn, Werb, and the guy at Rockfeller whose name escapes me now 
(he has done some eligant work) {sorry, my spelling is bad} as well as 
some others should provide you with more than enough information.

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On 8 Jan 1996, xiaoke zhang wrote:

> Hello, everyone:
> I am a post-doctoral fellow in Kansas University Medical Center. I am 
> currently working on a project about relationship between adhesion and 
> macrophage functions. I am looking for materials which I can use to coat 
> tissue culture plates so that the plates will NOT be adhesible by 
> macrophages. Anyone who has relevant information please e-mail to me at:
> xzhang at
> Thanks.
> Charlotte

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