La Le/gion Etrangere - The Foreign Legion

Mr. P.F. Linehan plinehan at
Wed Jan 10 04:40:43 EST 1996

Concerning the articles about priapism and the reply made explaining how
dangerous "Spainish Fly" was, I would like to point out two facts. One -
the Foreign Legion was never disbanded. The first regiment (1er REP, 
re/iment e/tranger de parachutistes) was disbanded in '61 or '62 for 
having obeyed their superior officer's orders in the attempted putsch
during the guerre d'Alge/rie. Anyone in Paris on the "quatorze juillet"
- that's Bastille day to English speakers - will see members of the 
Le/gion in dress uniform with its distinctive white "ke/pi" i.e. pill
box type cap with small visor and cloth covering back of head and neck.

The Le/gion left Algeria in 1962 when 
Algeria gained her independance.

Hope this is of use.



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