Color Depth on the WWWeb - Please help me!

DaleM dalem at
Wed Jan 10 02:02:25 EST 1996

I've been designing wwweb pages using more than 256 colors and have
recently found out that pages designed for at least 65,000+ colors can
look like crap when viewed with only 256 colors. This presents a
problem. I need to find out the approximate percentage of wwweb
wanderers who are using only 256 colors, in order to determine if I
have to limit designs to that lower limit.

I would appreciate your help. I have a survey form that can be
accessed from my index page on my wwweb site. It asks for the bare
minimum of information necessary for me to make a decision on this
vital (for me) question. Until I get some results I'm limiting myself
to 256 colors and I don't like this.

Would you help me out?

If you would be willing to help access
and go to the graphics card survey.

This is not an attempt to sell you anything. I simply need this
information in order to do a better job of designing wwweb pages.

I would certainly appreciate your help.

Thank you.


DaleM at

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