Wanted : Fast growing diatoms

john at mbisg2.sbc.man.ac.uk john at mbisg2.sbc.man.ac.uk
Thu Jan 11 15:55:57 EST 1996

I'm currently working on a design for a compustat,
a device that will allow selection of mutations
of microscopic organisms on the basis of their

For a test organism I am looking for a diatom
which will be susceptible to morphological
changes via mutation (probably via UV) and with
as short a generation time as possible (in order
to allow morphological mutations to evolve). 

I am currently aware that Diatoms have a typical
generation time of approx. one day, does anyone
out there know of any types which can multiply
faster (and are not too difficult to cultivate)
Alternatively does anyone have any ideas for
other organisms (pref. non-motile) which exhibit 
obvious changes in morphology with a short 
generation time (yeasts ?)

Please email me at :

john at mbisg2.sbc.man.ac.uk

Thanks for your attention

John Parkinson

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