Konstantin I Momot momot at aruba.ccit.arizona.edu
Fri Jan 12 14:40:15 EST 1996

On 8 Jan 1996, slapp2 wrote:

> It's in our water,
>  thousands of people are killed by it every year
>  Why isn't the government doing anything about it?
>  If you are concerned like me, write back.  
> It is one of the worlds major killers!!!!

I am a chemist, and I understand all the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide 
very well. I has been shown that pure dihydrogen monoxide adversely 
affects digestive tract, even if administered in small doses. Every 
year, thousands of people die as a result of contact with exessive 
amounts of dihydrogen monoxide (a phenomenon so widespread that it has 
even gotten a common name of "drowning").  LD50 for it is about 5 L, yet 
there are MILLIONS AND MILLIONS TONS of the stuff everywhere around. I am 
surprised how people in states like Louisiana can live at all. 

Previous respondents mentioned deutirium. Well, that was an attempt to 
diminish the significance of the problem. With natural abundance of 
RADIOACTIVE TRITIUM of 0.001%, we are all exposed to a significant amount 
of radiation every time we come in contact with dihydrogen monoxide, 
which is virtually unavoidable, considering its widespreadedness in our 

And considering the extent of the problem in all other countries, I dare 
to suggest that we are dealing with a WORLDWIDE CONSPIRACY!!!! We need to 
bring this fact to everybody's attention, to identify the conspirators, 
unless we want the entire world to disappear under a layer of that evil 

Konstantin, hoping he will not be killed by a fallen piece of frozen 
            dihydrogen monoxide one of these days.

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