info on barracuda??!

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Fri Jan 12 16:43:19 EST 1996

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>On 6 Jan 1996, Piz Zart wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I need to get info on barracuda (sp?)  Is there any place on the net

>> (like ftp or web or..) that I can get some info?
>>  thanks!
>I am studying behavioral ecology of great barracuda (Sphyraena
>- there are 19 or so other species, most of which have never been
>in detail.  I can have a go at any specific questions you want to
>my way.
>								Shane
>>Hello, keeping the thread..........barracudas in the wild are VERY
TERRITORIAL, so if you see one come over, leave, and no harm occurs.
Otherwise they are can rip-up a wet suit and incurr severe harm!

Micro, the only living one!

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