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Sat Jan 13 10:52:28 EST 1996

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>It is probably inappropriate for him to have 100 people working for
>him ever again, CERTAINLY ON FEDERAL FUNDS, however, is it a sin
>for him to have a lab with 5-10 members?

I think it is a sin that Bob Gallo is getting millions for a lab to
share with that other fraud, Bob Redfield.  What about Gallo's work
with SP-PG for KS in mice?  It hasn't been reproduced and I know
people who wanted this angiogenesis inhibitor to heal their KS.
Because of his sloppy, if not outright fraudulent, work, people
suffered horribly.  This IS a sin.

And how can we possibly believe his latest research on the macrophage
inflammatory proteins (MIP) and RANTES role in HIV suppression?  (I
mean, the article on its own is hardly convincing anyway).

And Redfield?  Lying about a 5th-rate envelope's vaccine's effect on
viral load?  And these 2 are together and REWARDED?  They should both
be facing criminal courts.  These bastards are playing with people's

I apologize if this is repetitive--I'm jumping in the middle and, as
is apparent, I am rather shy and retiring about my opinions!!

		George M. Carter

(PS: I believe HIV causes AIDS!)

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