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>                           COLLOIDAL SILVER!!!

> The Los Angeles Times states: 

Ah yes...that oft-cited highly-regarded peer-reviewed scientific journal.

(Hype mercifully snipped>

Could you please post some of the references (peer-reviewed journals only)
which support your claims where colloidal silver :

a) is adsorbed following *oral* administration and attains antibacterial,
antiviral and antifungal concentrations in serum or plasma (human studies
only, please).

b) demonstrates antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal activites in vivo
as opposed to in vitro (ie. in humans or animal models instead of cell
cultures and broth cultures).

Advertisement posts like this belong in newsgroups like alt.homeopathy or
alt.alternative_medicine and NOT in bionet.general.

Karl the hepB guy

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