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Sun Jan 14 07:08:59 EST 1996

DAVID ADAM BAINES-PINCHEN (pinchen at wrote:
> At present, I'm trying to determine the surface features of yeast  with a 
> SPM but I have yet to find anything.  SEM freeze fracture micrographs 
> have sugeested that yeast has a highly amorphous, and very smooth cell 
> wall, but I am having difficulty confirming this with the AFM. Could 
> anyone tell me if yeasts generally do have very smooth surfaces or if 
> they  have investigated the surface of yeasts with a AFM???? 

AFAIK it is very difficult to investigate surfaces of unfixed cells by
AFM because the resistance of the surface to the tip is too low. One
way to circumvent these difficulties is drying the cells.


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