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Sun Jan 14 05:00:08 EST 1996

Hey George,

It's nice to see you over here for a change?

you wrote on Sat, 13 Jan 1996 15:52:28 GMT:

>I think it is a sin that Bob Gallo is getting millions for a lab
>to share with that other fraud, Bob Redfield.

George, over here were tend not to come out and say such things
directly.  Too blunt of a language for the delicate eyes of those
who read here.  :)

We need to first beat around the bush a bit, build an argument, and
then when people continue to disagree for a while... then do our
name calling.

This is a more proper scientific discussion etiquette. :)

>What about Gallo's work with SP-PG for KS in mice?  It hasn't been
>reproduced and I know people who wanted this angiogenesis
>inhibitor to heal their KS. Because of his sloppy, if not outright
>fraudulent, work, people suffered horribly.  This IS a sin.

Are you referring to people who actually tried the drug and still
died (suffering yet more from possible side-effects from the drug)?

Or, are you saying that people put high hopes on this drug... only
to be disappointed when the Witte/Gallo debates resulted in the
drug from being pulled from further human study?

???  I just want to be clear on the intent of this statement.

For it was my understanding that only a few human subjects were
actually tested with SP-PG?

>And how can we possibly believe his latest research on the
>macrophage inflammatory proteins (MIP) and RANTES role in HIV
>suppression?  (I mean, the article on its own is hardly convincing

Why do you say that?

Exactly why isn't it convincing?

Otherwise, are you are just stating a personal opinion?

>And Redfield?  Lying about a 5th-rate envelope's vaccine's effect
>on viral load?

??? I don't know what you are referring to here.  Remember, this
isn't an AIDS NG... we haven't been discussing these specific
details on Redfield's questionable vaccine study.

>I apologize if this is repetitive--I'm jumping in the middle and,
>as is apparent, I am rather shy and retiring about my opinions!!

No... some of this actually isn't repetitive in here.

And you shy?  Couldn't tell it by me.


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