Peer Review Anonymity on Trial

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Sun Jan 14 19:02:37 EST 1996

Dr. Ferland's previous post on this thread is a very good example
of some of the 'attitudes' one has to face in this community.

He spends 143 lines repeating all of the previous posting... and
then only responds with 2 lines of comments and 4 lines of a sig.


>We sure will. Thanks, Greg, for yet another good crop of comments
>and rebuttals.

>Dr. Louis H. Ferland
>Centre de Recherche, Hotel-Dieu de Montreal
>Dept de Nutrition, Universite de Montreal
>Phone: (514) 843-2757     FAX: (514) 843-2719

He fails to take into consideration the amount of money and
computer space which is involved in posting such repetitive
nonsense... only to respond with a few 'original' lines.

This is a waste.

Some systems tend to remind people of this... you would get an
automatic response stating that over 50% of your note is quotes...
"Are you sure to want to post this?"

Thus... I am sure he is very well aware of what his is doing... he
just chooses to ignore it?

Surely this doesn't mean HIM?  This is proper net etiquette for
others to have to observe... and not him?  Does he think he is
above this?

And why does he do this?

Is it because he is a very busy man who doesn't have time to sit
and edit what he is posting?

Or is it because he is too lazy to upload/download/edit his

I don't know?  Maybe a little bit of both?

I am only bringing this up because I have been reading this
newsgroup for a while... and it's something which is done
constantly - and not just by him.

The majority of the other groups do not do this... they follow
proper net etiquette (for the most part).

It seems that as long as it's free to academic persons and they
don't have to directly absorb the cost... therefore it doesn't

Such attitudes can be found in purchasing lab equipment as well...
or just plain spending government monies.

Great wastes goes on... then complaints that there isn't a yearly
increase in NIH monies?

I know there is a lot more to this issue... and not just waste
being a problem.

But why is it that certain academics believe they are above what
everybody else has to abide by? ... in general

Just curious,


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