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Mon Jan 15 09:38:14 EST 1996

tyr-2 at (Karl Fischer) wrote:

>Ah yes...that oft-cited highly-regarded peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Apparently, studies on colloidal silver were published in the early
part of this century in the NEJM.  As a grandfathered compound, it is
no longer under FDA drug jurisdiction.

I agree that the nature of that post was merely a "spam" and as such
revolting and not very interesting from a scientific standpoint.

However, I believe discussion of alternative therapies DOES belong
here as much as anywhere.  If such therapies have an impact at the
microbiological level, this would be interesting information.  What I
object to is the immediated denigration that many leap to rather than
asking questions (beyond the snobbery of what journal was it published
in; don't get me wrong, though, I realize not all journals are created

It is time to begin looking with a scientist's eye at many so called
alternative/complementary therapies and assessing their impact on
patient health.  Some may even show to have some value!  Others may
finally be buried as horsepucky.  But to pretend they can be ignored
is arrogant and foolish.  Many, many people are doing a variety of
these interventions, as epi studies have shown.

		George M. Carter

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