Microscopy, Spectroscopy and Surface Science Listings

Allen R. Sampson ars at mcs.com
Mon Jan 15 17:50:24 EST 1996

I have added listings of WWW sites related to microscopy, spectroscopy and 
surface science accessable from our home page.  These listings are 
comprehensive, detailed and will be kept up-to-date.  The listings are 
free, so if you have a WWW site that you think would be of interest here, 
please let me know.

I'm hoping to have some fun with this too.  There is also a section for 
microscopic images.  I've started it off with a few of my own humble 
pictures, I hope that others will add their own images.  We're interested 
in fun or unusual images.

I have many other things planned - time and money will decide when they 
can be done.  I hope that those visiting will leave suggestions and ideas 
for what they would like to see here.

The URL is:


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